School staff use armbar takedown on intruder

When an unknown man entered school grounds in this French school, a staff member used an armbar takedown to restrain him.

This clip displays two central issues with armbar takedowns:

  1. Control on ground – When the video begins, the staff member is controlling the arm while ignoring the man’s core, which allows the man to stand up;
  2. Injury – When he does stand up, the armbar takedown is effective but causes injury, slamming the man’s head into the ground, and a pool of blood is forming as the video ends.

Man defends himself in 3 vs 1 home invasion

Luckily they were not armed and were dissuaded by some punches to the face. Poor planning on the criminal’s behalf.

Daily Mail article below with the full story, pasted in here so you don’t have to scroll through all the junk on their website.

Even if there were 100 of them, there is no one getting through me’: Hero tells how he fought off robbery gang single-handed when they raided his home while his cancer-hit wife slept upstairs

  • Asif Ali was at home with his wife Charlotte last week when men broke in 
  • Fought the men off  to protect his wife who is undergoing cancer treatment 
  • Charlotte said she never thought Asif would have to use his strength in that way 

PUBLISHED: 21:53 AEST, 30 September 2019

A hero husband has told how he fought off a gang single-handed when they raided his Greater Manchester home as his cancer-hit wife slept upstairs. 

Asif Ali confronted the men after they broke into his home in Rochdale on Tuesday 24 September.

Video footage showed the 35-year-old launching punches at the thugs until they fled the property.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Mr Ali said his main priority was making sure his wife Charlotte, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, was kept safe.

Presenter Piers Morgan was astonished at the strength showed by Mr Asif and asked: ‘how many would it have taken to stop you, five, ten?’

Mr Ali, who has been hailed as a hero said: ‘If there was 100 as long as my wife is upstairs then no one is going to get through me.’

Aisif Ali: ‘They were never going to get through me and get my wife’

Asif Ali and his wife Charlotte appeared on Good Morning Britain today to talk about the incident at their home last week

In CCTV footage of his brave defence of his home, businessman Mr Ali is seen landing a flurry of blows on one thug. Another intruder then joins the fray and Mr Ali bravely confronts both

The reason Mr Ali may have been so protective, is due to the fact that wife Charlotte had been feeling unwell due to her cancer treatment. 

Also speaking on the programme today she said: ‘I’m undergoing operations to remove cancer at the moment and that was the reason I had said to Asif, ‘oh I’m just going to go upstairs watch a bit of Netflix’.

‘I’d fallen asleep but then woke up. Winnie the bulldog was the one that barks and she only barks if there is something going on and when I woke up hearing that I knew there was something going on.

Mr Ali has now put up a £5,000 reward in order to help police catch the criminals 

Heroic businessmen fights off four armed robbers at his home

‘I quickly got dressed and put a dressing gown on and by the time I got to the top of the stairs I could see what was going on and I just heard Asif shout phone the police and barricade yourself.’

She said all she could think when she was barricading herself in was ‘ any minute now they are going to come up here for me’.

Asked if he was amazed at this own strength having watch the CCTV back Asif said he was surprised, as ‘if it had been three men walking towards him in the street’ he would have run off.

‘I think my reason why was bigger than theirs and that was my wife and they were never going to get through me.’

Piers then hailed him ‘the husband of the century’ and asked Charlotte how she felt about his bravery.

It’s scary for me to watch the footage back I don’t really like watching it because it’s quite gut wrenching as I didn’t really know what was going on downstairs . 

‘I can’t thank him enough for what he did, he put his life at risk for me. Deep down I knew he had it in him but not to that extent, I never thought it would come to him having to use that sort of strength.’

Mr Ali released the CCTV footage as he wants to make sure they men that did this are held accountable. He said the police have been making enquiries but that it has been ‘difficult’ for them because they have said they are ‘career criminals’ know where the cameras are and what sort of clothes to wear.

The couple have had challenging times recently as Charlotte has been receiving cancer treatment 

‘But somebody out there surely knows who they are, if they have sons a wife, someone must know they are leaving at certain times and coming back.’

Mr Asif is now offering a reward of £5,000 as he says he doesn’t want anyone else to go through what he and his wife did.

He added that he wasn’t sure what had come over him and Piers quizzed him on the reaction he had from the rest of the public.

‘A mixed reaction to be fair, 90 per cent have been very supportive, people calling me a hero, I don’t class myself as a hero, I think anyone would have done that for their family.

‘But then there has been a small percentage saying that i’m stupid for going back at them and picking the knife up.’

Police officer shows how skills and fitness prevent injuries during arrest

This police officer demonstrates how fighting skills – grappling skills in particular – and physical strength and fitness translate to less harm for both suspects and officers in the real world.

The officer uses a body lock lift and takes him to the ground carefully, without slamming the head, then applies pressure and controls the suspect on the ground before applying handcuffs.

Note that the officer kneels on the head area for a moment during cuffing – this does not cause any harm to the suspect as no pressure is applied to the neck, and it is used for only a short time in transition.

The suspect does not appear to have any injuries, and does not appear to be suffering any pain or discomfort when he stands up.

No pepper spray, no batons, no Taser, no strikes, no gun.

Militants storm building in Mogadishu, CQB captured on CCTV

Al Shabaab attack kills 10 at officials’ house in Somalia – ministry


Somali security forces secure the street near the scene of a militant attack at a building in Abdias district of Mogadishu
Somali security forces secure the street near the scene of a militant attack at a building in Abdias district of Mogadishu, Somalia February 21, 2023. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

MOGADISHU, Feb 22 (Reuters) – Ten people were killed in an attack in Somalia’s capital claimed by the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group, which said it was targeting military officials and militia fighters involved in an offensive against it.

The Tuesday attack began with a car bomb blast followed by a gun fight that went on for hours at a house in Mogadishu where several lawmakers were believed to be staying, a witness told Reuters.

Somalia’s information ministry said late on Tuesday that 10 civilians were killed, but did not say who was targeted. Security forces killed the four militant gunmen involved in the assault, it said.

Al Shabaab has stepped up attacks in a show of resurgence since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s government launched an offensive against the group in August.

A suicide bomber first detonated a car outside the house and then al Shabaab militants stormed in while firing guns, said witness Farah Aden.

The fighting between the al Shabaab fighters and security forces lasted for about eight hours, according to al Shabaab, the information ministry and witnesses.

“Other militants went in and killed 10 civilians inside the house. The security forces shot dead the four militants who stormed the building,” the information ministry said in a statement late on Tuesday.

Four soldiers and three civilians were wounded before the fighting ended, it added.

Al Shabaab said in a statement it had killed 70 people in the attack, which targeted the house because it offered accommodation to military officials and wounded militia members from the central Hiraan region recovering from fighting against the group there.

The government and al Shabaab, which has in the past launched attacks on hotels, military bases and government establishments, often give differing casualty figures.

Government forces and allied clan militias known as macawisley, pushed al Shabaab out of Hiraan last year.

Why don’t police just shoot the legs? And can you really bring a knife to a gun fight?

Knives vs guns – click the image to watch video on Youtube

Possibly the most poignant example of the lethality of knives ever captured on video:

The uncensored version of the incident where multiple police were stabbed despite being armed with guns:

Armed guard in Jerusalem stabbed:

Russian prison guard is stabbed to death and has his gun taken from him:

Argentinian police shoot man in the leg before he closes the distance to kill the police officer with a knife:

Both police officer and suspect get shot in the leg and continue fighting:

Photos of the surgery after a police officer was shot in the leg:

Bodycam shows man stab a Dayton, USA, officer in the neck:

The Melbourne terrorist attack

Armed police approached by man and stabbed at Sydney train station: