3 vs 1 road rage street fight

3 vs 1, however only two of the multiples participated in the fight.

This video raises two critical issues. First, poor situational awareness. He failed to consider these dangers:

  • Multiple opponents
  • Hard surface – high risk of severe head injuries
  • Nearby traffic
  • Unknown skills, level of aggression, weapons etc. of opponents

Taking all this into account, it would have been wise to avoid any kind of fight where possible.

Secondly, grappling skills are ESSENTIAL to avoid being taken to the ground. I’ve heard so many times “I don’t train grappling because I’d never fight on the ground”. You can’t simply decide not to go to the ground, you also need the skills to prevent it. Especially when fighting multiple opponents, they gain the greatest advantage by putting you down. Learn takedown defense, learn how to reverse a bad position on the ground, learn how to get up.