Boxer uses hand speed, positioning and footwork to knockout multiple opponents

Multiple opponent scenarios are extremely difficult to overcome. In this case, the defender succeeds for several reasons:

  • The defender has superior boxing skills compared to his opponents.
  • Either he was lucky to be in a position with no opponents behind him, or his situational awareness was excellent to put himself there. He appears to recognise exactly which persons are safe to allow close or behind him.
  • He is attacked only from the front – his opponents do not attempt to encircle/flank.
  • His opponents do not coordinate their attack, instead entering practically single-file.
  • He uses footwork to move off the centre-line after each attack, which would have been very effective in the event his opponents attempted to counter.
  • He transitions quickly from one target to the next, rather than staying focused on a single opponent. While fighting one person, we become extremely vulnerable to attacks from others whether standing or on the ground. He did not allow this to happen as he landed effective strikes in short combinations for split seconds only.