Defense against blunt and edged weapons – a basic guide

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This video covers unarmed defense against both blunt and edged weapons, highlighting the importance of understanding range to either deny attackers their advantage or impose our own.

Yes, you should never fight someone who is armed, and running away is a good idea. However, there are some scenarios where evasion isn’t an option and hand-waving comments like “just run away” do not help. Strategic positioning, range management and movement are the foundation of dealing with weapons.

We start with understanding the nuances of unarmed striking, the significance of maintaining an appropriate stance for mobility and reaction, and the concept of “lunging distance” which is critical for both offense and defense.

Then we move on to managing distances to either escape harm or close in, underlining that effective defense involves being either out of reach or too close for an attacker to utilise their weapon effectively.

The guide also touches on the specialised considerations for dealing with different types of weapons, from long and short blunt instruments to edged weapons, stressing the need for speed, control, and tactical awareness.

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Dutch security guard stops armed attack with strikes

At a supermarket in the Netherlands, a 34-year-old man was removed from the store by security for attempting to steal a bottle of alcohol. He returned and attacked guard with a broken bottle neck, resulting in injuries to both. The man was arrested and hospitalised overnight, so he obviously came out of the ordeal in far worse shape then the guard.

He faces charges of attempted manslaughter or serious assault and will appear in court on February 14 2024.

The actions of the guard were considered self-defense.

Dutch article covering the incident here.

Although not a knife, a piece of glass can cause serious or potentially fatal injuries. There’s certainly the risk of losing an eye, the way this man was attempting to slash at the guard.

The response of the guard demonstrates how effective distance management, footwork and striking can be against edged weapons. These are not the typical wrist-grabby techniques we often see taught by “self defense” instructors, but fundamental methods from empirically developed styles such as Muay Thai and wrestling.

This could easily have resulted in the guard suffering far more serious injuries had there been an inch or two of difference, and I have shared these scenarios on the site before.

My point here is NOT that learning a martial art will guarantee success, however:

  1. The chance of surviving an attack from someone armed with an edged weapon increases the greater the difference in skill/size/strength/etc.
  2. The methods we see working in reality are consistently the same fundamentals we observe in other fights, including combat sports.

MMA fighter chokes out knife-wielding attacker after disarming him


CUTLER BAY, Fla. – A former professional mixed martial artist won the fight of his life outside the ring, and it was all caught on camera.

Javier Baez told Local 10 News Friday that he is grateful to see another day thanks to his combat training after a man attempted to stab him in Cutler Bay early Wednesday morning.

Baez said he was out late on Halloween night, getting back to his complex around 4 a.m. Wednesday, when he saw Omar Marrero, 50, of Cutler Bay, behind the 11,000 block of Southwest 211th Street, holding a knife that was about 14 inches long and yelling in the parking lot.

Marrero’s arrest report stated moments after seeing Baez in his vehicle, he began hitting his car window with the knife and then opened the driver’s door and attempted to cut him.

As Baez exited his vehicle and attempted to diffuse the situation, Marrero continued to swing the knife at him, the report stated.

Shortly after, Marrero went back to his vehicle while placing the knife on the front passenger side floor and began fighting Baez.

Police said moments after, Marrero went back to his car, grabbed a second large knife, and attempted to cut Baez several times.

Additional surveillance video showed Marrero rushing at Baez, who quickly overpowered him, lifted him, and then slammed him to the ground.

“You train so many times that it becomes just a reflex,” Baez said.

Baez was able to defend himself while disarming Marrero and detaining him until police arrived at the scene.

“Once I started putting the choke in, he kind of just let it go because no one is worried about anything else but breathing when you’re losing air,” he said. “I was able to hold him down with my knee and call the cops, and he woke up, cops came, and it was good, easy peasy!”

Baez told Local 10 News that he was unhurt and only sustained minor scratches to his hands following the scuffle.

“Once it came to that, it’s all instincts. I couldn’t do much but just react,” Baez told Local 10 News. “I’ve been training my whole life — black belt jiu-jitsu, wrestled in college, I’ve got eight pro fights, MMA masters. I’ve got great training partners.”

Baez said that he didn’t personally know Marrero but had seen him before walking around in his neighborhood.

Marrero was transported to the Cutler Bay Municipal District where he was interviewed and provided a statement to police.

He currently faces one count each of burglary with assault or battery and aggravated battery, according to jail records.

As of Friday, Marrero is being held without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Baseball bat disarm in road rage incident

Bludgeoning weapons like baseball bats are lethal, but it’s quite possible to nullify that force by closing the distance. They need some room to swing and get the full effect.

Might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s better to move in than back away and stay in the range they need.