Russian soldier kills two Ukrainians in foxhole – graphic and saddening video

This video is a prime example of the senselessness, chaos, confusion and horror of war.

A Russian soldier approaches a foxhole with two pitiable Ukrainians cowering inside, sitting on top of a dead comrade. One is a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, the other is much older. They both appear confused, perhaps suffering concussion.

The Russian demands that they throw away their weapons and surrender.

The older Ukrainian is confused, and says words to the effect that they are on the same side.

The Russian tries to pull the gun away from the old man, but he resists.

When he sees what is happening, the younger man – who is bleeding from the head – puts up his hands and begins to plead for his life just a moment before the Russian kills them both in a spray of bullets.

Drones are changing warfare – four sad and absolutely brutal clips from Ukraine

Absolutely brutal footage of Ukrainian drones dropping munitions on Russian soldiers
Ukrainian 10th Brigade drops grenade on Russians
Another Ukrainian drone drops accurate grenade
Drone attacks Russian troops while they try to evacuate casualty

Cheap, mass-produced drones are already being deployed on a daily basis in the conflict in Ukraine. In the future, we can expect vast improvements in drone technology and munitions. Drone swarms and the tactics and technology to counter them will become common-place on any battlefield.

Not only are they being used to accurately drop explosives, drones can work in spotting roles with other elements such as infantry or artillery.

One of the most startling results of the increased use of drones is the high quality footage they record of their own work – bombs, guns, grenades don’t come with their own cameras to record the after-effects in high definition.

Drones are for the first time recording the sad, lonely and disturbing final moments of soldiers on the battlefield – and these videos are now recorded, edited with music by the soldiers and shared online.

Russians take fire from Ukrainian artillery while crossing pontoon bridge

Russian forces hit by Ukrainian artillery while trying to cross the Dnieper river, Kherson Oblast, 7th September 2022.

Rough translation:

0:00 Crossing Dnepr, big, big river, it’s most narrow fucking part

0:10 It was bombed, bombed today, blyad, hopefully nothing hits it now

0:19 Ah, blyad

0:35 What a fucking jam there? Eh? (as truck stops, probably means traffic jam)

0:42 Oh god, save and protect us on this fucking pontoon bridge

0:47 Look at that hole, hit from rocket (points at something)

1:03 (Someone screams something like “here, here”?) Where here for fuck’s sake?


1:15 (God have mercy) (where should we run/hide?)

1:17 Blyad

1:23 Fucking 300, blyad

1:50 God have mercy

2:15 Fucking bitch

Suspect in custody has gun fight with 3 police at station

Deenihan said officers who arrested Jordan did search him, and found money and drugs, but did not find a gun he had hidden on him.

For almost four minutes, an officer drives a squad car with Jordan in custody in the back seat – unknowingly armed. In that time, Jordan someone moved his cuffs to the front and got his hands on the gun that had been hidden against his crotch.

When police arrived at the sally port at the station at 5555 W. Grand Ave. on the city’s West Side, and an officer opened the door of the SUV to take Jordan inside, Jordan shot the officer in the chin. The officer fell backward, and Deenihan said that was when Jordan and other officers outside the station engaged in a shootout.

Sources said between Jordan and the officers, more than 50 shots were fired.

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