Police officer stabbed to death moments after arriving on scene – Las Cruces PD

Body Cam Video
CCTV Video

A stark and horrifying example of two things:

  1. The danger posed by knives, even when we are armed with a gun – you CAN bring a knife to a gun fight and win if you’re close enough.
  2. Not all situations involving mental health issues can be de-escalated verbally. Police have often been criticised in the media for shooting within seconds of arriving at the scene – this incident demonstrates the kind of situation which can lead to that happening.

Patrol Officer Jonah Hernandez was stabbed to death while responding to a trespassing call at the 300 block of South Valley Drive in Las Cruces.

A witness to the stabbing shot the suspect while another witness called 911 for help.

Officer Hernandez was transported to MountainView Regional Medical Center where he died from a knife wound to his neck.

The subject had a lengthy criminal record and mental illness.

Officer Hernandez had served with the Las Cruces Police Department for two years. He was survived by his wife and two sons.

Officer Down Memorial Page

Jewellery store robber stabbed by defender

An attempted robbery at a jewelry store in Chapadão do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The employees, including the owner’s daughter, fought back against the two armed robbers. One of the criminals was stabbed several times by the daughter during the struggle and was later hospitalized and arrested. The security camera footage played a crucial role in identifying the assailants, who along with an accomplice, faced charges for the armed robbery.

New York City fatal stabbing; victim displays agonal breathing

This man decides to stick around during a confrontation while a third party tries to separate them; when the distance is closed, he is stabbed by an unseen knife.

This is the reality of many knife attacks – if someone really wants to stab someone, it makes no sense to brandish the knife and make the victim aware it exists. If they have any common sense, they will simply draw the knife once the distance is closed.

In this case, a major blood vessel in the abdomen was struck, and the man lost consciousness a short time later. When police are seen arriving the victim displays agonal breathing, which is a sign he is very close to death.

Agonal respiration, gasping respiration or agonal breathing is a distinct abnormal pattern of breathing and brainstem reflex characterized by gasping, labored breathing, accompanied by strange vocalizations and myoclonus. Possible causes include cerebral ischemia, extreme hypoxia (inadequate oxygen supply to tissue), or even anoxia (total depletion of oxygen). Agonal breathing is an extremely serious medical sign requiring immediate medical attention, as the condition generally progresses to complete apnea and heralds death. The duration of agonal respiration can be as brief as two breaths or last up to several hours.

Russian prison guard stabbed, unable to draw gun as man closes distance

A Russian prisoner stabs and murders an armed prison guard, who is unable to draw his weapon during the ambush. The prisoner then gets into a gunfight with another guard and continues to escape. The prisoner was reportedly stopped and killed some time later.

This is a good demonstration of how effective a knife can be at close range versus a gun – i.e. 21-foot rule / Tueller Drill.

Teacher stabbed by terrorist in France

This teacher used a chair as a shield and to make space between himself and the attacker, however there is no one taking the next essential step in the video – incapacitating the attacker. Hit him with the chair, hit him with something, stop his capacity to attack.

You have to go on the offensive. It’s great if you can stop the first first few stab attempts, but what then? Are you just going to wait until he’s gets bored?

Everything else has failed; end their attack by going on the offensive.

Story Summary:

On October 13, 2023, at around 11:00 local time, a fatal knife attack occurred at Gambetta high school in Arras, France. The attacker, a 20-year-old Russian national of Chechen origin named Mohamed Mogouchkov, was a former student of the school. He killed a French language teacher and seriously injured another teacher and a security guard. Witnesses reported that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack. President Emmanuel Macron, who visited the site, praised the slain teacher for coming forward to protect others, stating that he had “without doubt saved many lives.” The attacker was known to security services for his involvement with Islamist extremism and had previously alarmed teachers with his views. He was arrested and is now in custody. The French anti-terror prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for “murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise.”

Sources: BBC, Reuters

Man stabbed in Vancouver Starbucks – The killing of Paul Schmidt

An extremely sad, completely unnecessary and disgusting incident.


At around 5:30 PM, Paul Schmidt accompanied his fiancée Ashley Umali and their daughter to a Starbucks coffee shop located at the corner of West Pender Street and Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver. Umali went inside to order while Schmidt, and their daughter in a stroller, waited outside. While outside, Schmidt spoke with Gosal for using an electronic cigarette and requested him not to vape around his daughter. An argument began and an altercation ensued at which point Gosal produced a knife, using it to stab Schmidt in the abdomen multiple times. A pedestrian, Alex Bodger, began filming the incident as Gosal yelled “fucking bitch” to Schmidt as he staggered and fell to the ground bleeding. Bodger continued filming Schmidt, posing for TikTok and exclaiming “this motherfucker just died, bro.” Gosal also began filming Schmidt on the ground from inside the Starbucks. Other bystanders flagged down a constable patrolling the area and police responded to the scene around 5:40 P.M. Officers attempted medical assistance on Schmidt, but he was declared dead after being rushed to the hospital. Gosal was arrested without resistance.