Militants storm building in Mogadishu, CQB captured on CCTV

Al Shabaab attack kills 10 at officials’ house in Somalia – ministry


Somali security forces secure the street near the scene of a militant attack at a building in Abdias district of Mogadishu
Somali security forces secure the street near the scene of a militant attack at a building in Abdias district of Mogadishu, Somalia February 21, 2023. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

MOGADISHU, Feb 22 (Reuters) – Ten people were killed in an attack in Somalia’s capital claimed by the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group, which said it was targeting military officials and militia fighters involved in an offensive against it.

The Tuesday attack began with a car bomb blast followed by a gun fight that went on for hours at a house in Mogadishu where several lawmakers were believed to be staying, a witness told Reuters.

Somalia’s information ministry said late on Tuesday that 10 civilians were killed, but did not say who was targeted. Security forces killed the four militant gunmen involved in the assault, it said.

Al Shabaab has stepped up attacks in a show of resurgence since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s government launched an offensive against the group in August.

A suicide bomber first detonated a car outside the house and then al Shabaab militants stormed in while firing guns, said witness Farah Aden.

The fighting between the al Shabaab fighters and security forces lasted for about eight hours, according to al Shabaab, the information ministry and witnesses.

“Other militants went in and killed 10 civilians inside the house. The security forces shot dead the four militants who stormed the building,” the information ministry said in a statement late on Tuesday.

Four soldiers and three civilians were wounded before the fighting ended, it added.

Al Shabaab said in a statement it had killed 70 people in the attack, which targeted the house because it offered accommodation to military officials and wounded militia members from the central Hiraan region recovering from fighting against the group there.

The government and al Shabaab, which has in the past launched attacks on hotels, military bases and government establishments, often give differing casualty figures.

Government forces and allied clan militias known as macawisley, pushed al Shabaab out of Hiraan last year.

Incredible trench warfare footage from Ukraine – featuring “The Trench Squire”

Absolutely remarkable and unprecedented combat footage is coming out of the Ukraine conflict.

Below is a GoPro/headcam clip of two Ukrainians fighting from a trench, with one who is too scared to stand up and shoot but helps as much as he can by loading and handing over weapons to his comrade. He has been dubbed the “Trench Squire” by Reddit.

In the second clip, we watch fatal CQB in a trench from the perspective of a drone.

Russian soldier kills two Ukrainians in foxhole – graphic and saddening video

This video is a prime example of the senselessness, chaos, confusion and horror of war.

A Russian soldier approaches a foxhole with two pitiable Ukrainians cowering inside, sitting on top of a dead comrade. One is a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, the other is much older. They both appear confused, perhaps suffering concussion.

The Russian demands that they throw away their weapons and surrender.

The older Ukrainian is confused, and says words to the effect that they are on the same side.

The Russian tries to pull the gun away from the old man, but he resists.

When he sees what is happening, the younger man – who is bleeding from the head – puts up his hands and begins to plead for his life just a moment before the Russian kills them both in a spray of bullets.