Russian soldier kills two Ukrainians in foxhole – graphic and saddening video

This video is a prime example of the senselessness, chaos, confusion and horror of war.

A Russian soldier approaches a foxhole with two pitiable Ukrainians cowering inside, sitting on top of a dead comrade. One is a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, the other is much older. They both appear confused, perhaps suffering concussion.

The Russian demands that they throw away their weapons and surrender.

The older Ukrainian is confused, and says words to the effect that they are on the same side.

The Russian tries to pull the gun away from the old man, but he resists.

When he sees what is happening, the younger man – who is bleeding from the head – puts up his hands and begins to plead for his life just a moment before the Russian kills them both in a spray of bullets.

CQB – why doors are called the fatal funnel. GRAPHIC

Iraqi soldier is surround by ISIS. ISIS member is killed as he tries to enter door.

The person entering has to scan the entire room to find the threat, moving from light outside and having to adjust eyes to darkness inside. If he finds the threat, he is yet to aim and fire. The man inside only has to aim at the doorway and wait for movement.