Jewellery story stabbing, attempted defense with eye gouges and groin strikes

The victim is stabbed repeatedly. He used everything he had to defend himself: punches, kicks and throws, and attempted two eye gouges and two groin strikes.

None were effective -the assailant moved his head away when eye gouges attempted and blocked kicks to groin.

It should also be noted that although the victim was stabbed many times, he was still capable of fighting and managed to escape – neither person was incapacitated, and both were capable of continuing the fight.

Groin kick attempt 1. The offender lifts his knee and blocks the kick.
Eye gouge attempt 1. Unclear if defender was able to cause any harm. No apparent effect.
Groin kick attempt 2, seems to connect in some way but no effect
Eye gouge attempt 2. From this shot it looks like a finger may be completely embedded in the eye, though it is impossible to know for certain. No effect.

Sucker punch fails, aggressor kicked in groin

Man on phone fails to read a high risk of sucker punch or simply is unsure about how to respond to the risk.

The aggressor finally attempts a very poor sucker punch and the other man responds with a kick to the groin followed by punches which knock out the aggressor.

Something to note here is that unlike in the movies, the aggressor did not crumple to the ground once kicked in the groin, in fact he barely flinched at this. Closed fist punches to the head finished the fight which were set up by the groin kick.