CQB – why doors are called the fatal funnel. GRAPHIC

Iraqi soldier is surround by ISIS. ISIS member is killed as he tries to enter door.

The person entering has to scan the entire room to find the threat, moving from light outside and having to adjust eyes to darkness inside. If he finds the threat, he is yet to aim and fire. The man inside only has to aim at the doorway and wait for movement.


  1. Barricaded opposition with no alternative entry points. If the opponent only has to watch one door, yeah you’re lucky if the first man in the door doesn’t have this happen to him, especially without grenade preparation.

    Better not to enter but instead to dump fire into the windows to maybe wound the enemy with ricochets.

    Or better yet, don’t engage in offensive operations without access to hand grenades.

    1. Only just noticed that someone has used the comment function on this website, didn’t think of that possibility for some reason!
      100% agree with you.

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