Drones are changing warfare – four sad and absolutely brutal clips from Ukraine

Absolutely brutal footage of Ukrainian drones dropping munitions on Russian soldiers
Ukrainian 10th Brigade drops grenade on Russians
Another Ukrainian drone drops accurate grenade
Drone attacks Russian troops while they try to evacuate casualty

Cheap, mass-produced drones are already being deployed on a daily basis in the conflict in Ukraine. In the future, we can expect vast improvements in drone technology and munitions. Drone swarms and the tactics and technology to counter them will become common-place on any battlefield.

Not only are they being used to accurately drop explosives, drones can work in spotting roles with other elements such as infantry or artillery.

One of the most startling results of the increased use of drones is the high quality footage they record of their own work – bombs, guns, grenades don’t come with their own cameras to record the after-effects in high definition.

Drones are for the first time recording the sad, lonely and disturbing final moments of soldiers on the battlefield – and these videos are now recorded, edited with music by the soldiers and shared online.