Hard Surfaces are the deadliest part of street fighting

Aside from weapons such as knives and guns, hard surfaces are the deadliest aspect of getting into fights in the street.

A single punch is unlikely to kill anyone, but the chance of death and serious injury is very high as a result of the fall following the punch and loss of consciousness.

Consider that if you become unconscious for any reason while you are standing, your head will fall from the distance of your own height. In other words, if you are six feet tall, your skull will fall six feet to the concrete. In a fight, you may fall much harder as a result of extra force from a punch or throw.

But somehow, many of us aren’t fearful about it, or don’t even consider hard surfaces as a risk factor at all. In fact, when people are organising fights, they often choose a hard surface over a softer one. A smooth, flat, hard surface ensures that the fighters can properly employ their footwork and don’t slip or trip. The fact that they may have escalated the consequences of the fight to life and death does not occur to them.

Similarly, people punch others in street fights, generally are not trying to kill the other person. It’s often about asserting dominance and protecting their ego; they would use a knife or a gun if they really wanted to ensure that the recipient is dead.

Some of these victims will suffer lifelong injuries and disability. Some fully recover, and some die. In every case, it’s potentially the worst case.

I have myself seen people get knocked out in front of me, hit their head on the ground and start convulsing and snorting. I personally know people who have suffered serious brain injuries as a result of falling after being punched. And I’ve seen multiple cases just locally where people have died the same way.

Throws and slams are equally, if not more deadly. With not a single punch thrown, a person’s skull can be smashed or neck broken if only they are lifted off the ground and dropped on their head.

If you are find all of this difficult to believe or are not quite sold on the seriousness of what I am saying, I want you to sit down and watch the videos below. Especially if you’re a young man who isn’t too concerned about this sort of thing, and you fancy yourself as a bit of fighter.

Hopefully this will be educational and I can maybe change some minds, which could maybe save some lives.

What you’re going ot see is extremely graphic, and I actually hope it makes you sick to your stomach. I really want to drive home the point that hard surfaces will kill you. Some of the victims in these video die, some are disabled, and some recover just fine. But the results are completely random and the worst case could easily have happened to any of them. Typically, when you see someone stiffen up and twist into a strange posture, they have suffered some kind of serious brain injury.

Proceed with caution.