Man stabbed in Vancouver Starbucks – The killing of Paul Schmidt

An extremely sad, completely unnecessary and disgusting incident.


At around 5:30 PM, Paul Schmidt accompanied his fiancĂ©e Ashley Umali and their daughter to a Starbucks coffee shop located at the corner of West Pender Street and Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver. Umali went inside to order while Schmidt, and their daughter in a stroller, waited outside. While outside, Schmidt spoke with Gosal for using an electronic cigarette and requested him not to vape around his daughter. An argument began and an altercation ensued at which point Gosal produced a knife, using it to stab Schmidt in the abdomen multiple times. A pedestrian, Alex Bodger, began filming the incident as Gosal yelled “fucking bitch” to Schmidt as he staggered and fell to the ground bleeding. Bodger continued filming Schmidt, posing for TikTok and exclaiming “this motherfucker just died, bro.” Gosal also began filming Schmidt on the ground from inside the Starbucks. Other bystanders flagged down a constable patrolling the area and police responded to the scene around 5:40 P.M. Officers attempted medical assistance on Schmidt, but he was declared dead after being rushed to the hospital. Gosal was arrested without resistance.

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