Russians take fire from Ukrainian artillery while crossing pontoon bridge

Russian forces hit by Ukrainian artillery while trying to cross the Dnieper river, Kherson Oblast, 7th September 2022.

Rough translation:

0:00 Crossing Dnepr, big, big river, it’s most narrow fucking part

0:10 It was bombed, bombed today, blyad, hopefully nothing hits it now

0:19 Ah, blyad

0:35 What a fucking jam there? Eh? (as truck stops, probably means traffic jam)

0:42 Oh god, save and protect us on this fucking pontoon bridge

0:47 Look at that hole, hit from rocket (points at something)

1:03 (Someone screams something like “here, here”?) Where here for fuck’s sake?


1:15 (God have mercy) (where should we run/hide?)

1:17 Blyad

1:23 Fucking 300, blyad

1:50 God have mercy

2:15 Fucking bitch

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